Wednesday, January 13, 2016

XBONE | Project Cars

Amazing game not worth buying it.

I've been an racing gamer since young. It began with NFS like most people. I was particularly interested in F1 games and switched to F1 99 from EA, for a long time I was stuck playing rFactor and almost all versions of codemaster's F1 games.

Since I knew a thing or 2 about simulation games and setting up the cars. I bought Project Cars for Xbox one few months back. The experience has been both good and bad.

Let's begin with the positives.

Graphics are good.
Good collection of new and old cars / tracks.
Game UI is decent.
Weather, Tyre & Fuel simulations feels almost real.

and the negatives.

Online gamers.. actually the lack of it itself is the biggest complain I have.
Updates are a nightmare. They fuckup controller settings and sometimes car setups.
Car setups are not consistent. They work opposite than they are supposed to.
No custom setups for Time trail.
Too many bugs.
Game crashes often.
Game support.. wtf is that ?
I'm sure PC gamers use hacks to set some crazy lap times which are not filtered out.

I don't regret buying this game. But I would prefer F1 2015 over Project cars any day.