Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ultimate kernel for Nexus 6P

I've tried all the main stream kernels. ElementalX. Franco, Kylo & God's, Some kernels have good battery life at the cost of stuttering performance and others are mostly vice versa. All i expect from a custom kernel is fluid performance and decent battery life (around 5 hours sot).

Kylo is best suited for me as i'm always on LTE. Though it's slightly overclocked it still manages to deliver great battery life. There were multiple days where i find 70% of battery left after 11 hours of usage. My daily usage consists of around 2 hours of calls, multiple email accounts always on sync, 1.5 hours of browsing and little of whatsapp, telegram & youtube.

Kylo combined with ElementalX kernel app will help you tune further more. Minor changes such as selecting governors for cpu clusters will add extra couple of hours of battery life.

Consistency, Interactions of the developer is awesome. Expect 3-4 kernel updates per week. Slightly overkill in my opinion. :P

All said and done this guy deserves to work with google.



Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Test day 3 | Ubermallow + franco kernel

Lost 70% in 8 hours 40 mins.

XBONE | Project Cars

Amazing game not worth buying it.

I've been an racing gamer since young. It began with NFS like most people. I was particularly interested in F1 games and switched to F1 99 from EA, for a long time I was stuck playing rFactor and almost all versions of codemaster's F1 games.

Since I knew a thing or 2 about simulation games and setting up the cars. I bought Project Cars for Xbox one few months back. The experience has been both good and bad.

Let's begin with the positives.

Graphics are good.
Good collection of new and old cars / tracks.
Game UI is decent.
Weather, Tyre & Fuel simulations feels almost real.

and the negatives.

Online gamers.. actually the lack of it itself is the biggest complain I have.
Updates are a nightmare. They fuckup controller settings and sometimes car setups.
Car setups are not consistent. They work opposite than they are supposed to.
No custom setups for Time trail.
Too many bugs.
Game crashes often.
Game support.. wtf is that ?
I'm sure PC gamers use hacks to set some crazy lap times which are not filtered out.

I don't regret buying this game. But I would prefer F1 2015 over Project cars any day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Time for kernel comparisons.

I've finally decided to use Ubermallow as my daily driver. Ubermallow is slimmed down version of stock ROM with limited & simple customization. Layers and Xposed are not my thing as they goof up ROMs if you don't set them up properly.

I'm a big fan of Kylo, Franco & ElementalX kernels. I've contributed by buying their apps on play store. It's time to test them both. The base will be Ubermallow rom + kernel.

My plan of action.
2 days test for each kernel.
Better battery stats and user experience on daily basis.

My usage pattern.
LTE always ON.
2 hours of calls.
1.5 hours of bluetooth audio.
And the usual.. videos, browsing, whatsapp, telegram etc.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Xposed - True potential unlocked.

Xposed is a framework on Android in which modules (in form of apps) can take advantage and do magic. It's so powerful that if the framework or modules are improperly configured you may end up screwing your phone.

Search for xposed tuesday on YouTube and head over to xda to install xposed.

Top modules

Gravity box - has tons of tweaks to improve roms.
YouTube adaway - no more ads on YouTube.
Niwatori - replicates apple's double tap to shrink screen size.
Xprivacy - privacy manager.

Always have the uninstaller ready for safety measure.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

ROM showdown continues.. #Nexus6P

I've been hunting for the ultimate ROM for my Nexus 6P and so far these are the ROMs that I've tested so far..

Pure Nexus
Xenon HD

For some weird reason I can't seem to install Dirty Unicorns ROM which is highly praised.

Every ROM is unique in its own way but they share a lot of common features. For instance Cataclysm's smart radio is an excellent feature which could help you save a little battery life. Whereas there's no limit for Pure Nexus when it comes to customisation. But my favorite so far has  been Chroma as it strikes the right balance between customisation, additional features and stock experience.